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Poster: Beiskaldi <Beiskaldi@aol.com>

  A one of those awful people who kept her truck parked where she was camped
(ie merchant area), I would like to point out one thing that I noticed at
Coronation last weekend.

  I drove my truck up to the parking area Saturday morning after a nite of
cold and wet because I have very bad night vision and likely would have spent
the whole night driving around the campground.  Guess what?  The parking lot
was full.  

  Well, only about half full, actually.  This is because the majority of
vehicles parked there--cars, vans, trucks, whatever--had parked almost but not
quite a full car space apart from each other, leaving plenty of room if I had
a bike, but not for an ordinary vehicle.  In one place I noticed a person who
had parked sideways, likely to keep the truck out of the road so it didnt get
hit.  Double park?  No, I have had that happen to me before.  I still have no
idea if there were other parking lots at the site, noone I asked was able to
tell me.

  Any suggestions?


>  Poster: Charlenn <Charlenn@aol.com>
>  In a message dated 98-03-25 21:04:38 EST, Baroness Alesia writes:
>  > On the point of rules, we are still having a problem cars parked in the
>  >  campsites and on the grass.  Ranger Dan told us Sunday morning that if
>  >  this happens again at our next event there, we *will* lose the site.
>  >  Scouts expect us to unload our gear, move our cars and then set up camp.
>  >  Gentles, this site is too good to lose. 
>  Just a thought...
>  Many individuals may get lax in muddy, rainy weather or when parking far 
> from
>  the camping area. Perhaps a cart or wagon service to assist those trying to
>  load and unload? It would require more manpower at events but could go a 
> long
>  way to lift spirits and would people would be more inclined to park where 
> they
>  should if they know someone is willing to assist them with their baggage.
>  -Deirdre
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