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Poster: GonaBfamos <GonaBfamos@aol.com>

Hi.  My name is Carly.  Recently my dad took away our dog Jake.  And now me
and my family want another dog.  We all agree that a BIG BIG dog would be
great.  In our new house, we have a good sized fenced yard and a medium sized
house.  We all love to walk, run, jog and play.  All four of us are from ages
14-41, so it dosnt have to be incredably perfect with children.
We would want a puppy in the summer.
My question is if you wouldnt mind answering, what kind of "speacial" needs or
requirments does an irish wolf hound have?  And what are the usual price range
of a female irish wolf hound puppy?
Please e-mail me back at GonaBfamos@aol.com
Thank you and goodbye.
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