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Re: Once more into the fray....

This would be a GREAT topic to move to the Merry Rose.  They're 
complaining of no mail coming through.

Vard is posting Heraldic Puns.

I recommend followups go to either the Merry Rose 
(atlantia@atlantia.sca.org) OR to TNNP list, NOT both.

Here's one just for fun.  It's currently going through Kingdom but I 
don't know if it was on the April Letter of Intent (though that would 
have been appropriate!)

Per pale, three pails in pale impailed.  (Not it's not a joke, he really 
wants it!)

(Yes, heralds have obscure and frightening senses of humor!!!  :D)

  - Anarra, Pursuivant at Large.

>> <snip>
>> >"Per pale, argent and purpure, a keyhole counterchanged"
>> >
>> >Anyone get it???
>> >
>> >Yours in service,
>> >Don Vardo ("Come on down!")
>> >
>I think you're going for a Flying Purple Keyhole Heater/Flying Purple
>People Eater but you're missing the wings on the blazon.  
>If you want to get really bad, you need to bring Rabah into this. 

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