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Re: Once more into the fray....the answer

We've gone from too obscure to too easy.

Most of the respondants got it mostly right.  For scoring purposes, here's the
blazon and the correct answer:

Blazon: "Per pale, argent and purpure, a keyhole counterchanged"
Answer: Purple peephole heater.

I went to the on-line O&A to confirm the blazon and get the name of the person
to whom this is registered:

"Andrew MacRobb
          Either the name or the following device associated it (or both) were
registered in November of 1982:  Per pale Or and purpure, a keyhole

Thanks to all for their enthusiasm, I think perhaps this would be a good time
to let this go, or move this to the Merry Rose.  It's time to turn THIS
discussion list back over to the Principality movement.