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Heraldry Book

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Heraldry Book:

Going through the odd booklist as I am wont to do I have noticed that
a very nice heraldry book has come back into print at different prices.

So far the best seems to be Barnes and Noble's catalog @ $19.98 which
is an amazing price for this particular book. Of the approximately
20 heraldry books I own it is one of my two favorites:


Quoting the Catalog:
Every aspect of the observed or imagined world appears in the colorful 
mosaic of heraldic symbolism. Borrowing generously from nature, history, 
and mythology, coats of arms include such motifs as one-, two-, and 
three-headed eagles: Lions - rampant, passant, cowed, and salient; 
bears, bulls, and baselisks; intricate fleur-de-lis; and images from the 
starlit sky. Developed during feudal times, heraldry has been influenced
by powerful families and regimes, tournaments and other chivalric 
trappings, the Crusades, and the rise of nation states.

This book explores the major elements of heraldry, including the shield,
the sign, the helmet, and the crown, bringing a new clarity to this
ancient system of identification. Includes thousands of heraldic devices 
and historical illustrations in b&w and color. 8 1/2 x 11". (Tiger)
288pp. HC British Import $19.98 

E169464    Call Barnes and Noble at 1-800-THE-BOOK  Catalog offering.

For what you get it is a considerable bargain. It is a wonderful history
of heraldry and _not_ one of those dry 19th century books. I paid that 
for it used 15 years ago and thought it a steal.

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