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Results of March LOI (in kingdom heraldic decisions)

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald.

The March Letter of Intent meeting was held on Sunday, 22 March.  Expected
LOI meetings for the near future include:  Friday, 17 April (at Evan's),
Sunday, 10 May and Sunday, 14 June (at Herveus').  Dates are subject to
change.  If you'd like to see how one of these works, just drop me a line
and I'll get you directions.

Any questions regarding the following information should be submitted to
the Golden Dolphin Herald.

The following submissions were sent to Laurel in March:

Adriana of Hawkwood - resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel, Mar 97) - Ermine,
a rainbow proper clouded azure.

Aldwin of Warwick - new name and device - Per bend gules and vert, a
hanging balance and a tower Or

Arnbiorn Bassi Dansson - resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Oct 93) - Per
fess azure and vert, a bear statant erect affronty, sinister paw upraised

Askold Brotama{dh=}r. new name and device - per pale sable and azure, a
sea-wolf and on a chief invected Or, three axe-heads reversed sable

Bardulf Rauen - new name

Daemon Broussard - resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia May 97) - Argent,
two hammerhead sharks naiant in annulo, surrounding a rose, on a chief
sable three latin crosses botonny argent

David Wodeward atte Hethe - new name and device - Per pale vert and Or, a
tree counterchanged

Diarmait mac Amalgada - new name

Dunstan of Manchester - resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Nov 97) Ermine,
a Continental panther rampant gules incensed azure, on a chief gules a
sword reversed proper.

Finn O'Donovan - new name

Gunnar Haraldsson - resubmitted name (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98)

Joseph Elizabeth de Clayton - new name

Kerdych Goch - new name

Meliora Gwinear - new name

Meliora Trevethan - new name

Morgan Wainwright - resubmitted badge (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98) Per pale
sable and azure, in pale three buckets argent, each pierced by an arrow
fesswise Or

Neachtan Kay O'Denroche - change of device - Per pale sable and argent, a
spiderweb counterchanged, on a chief purpure a scorpion fesswise argent.

Randal Sinclair Hawkins - change of name and new device - Chevronelly
raguly azure and Or, in pall a crescent between three martlets migrant to
base sable

Raymond de Montfort - new name and device - Azure billetty, a bend Or, a
bordure ermine

Tir-Y-Don, Barony of - Order of the Golden Phoenix - resubmitted order name
(ret'd by Laurel Jul 97)


Brian du Bois Breton - new badge - (fieldless) A fishing hook bendwise
sinister Or (documentation of charge

Isabel Grimault - new device - Or chausse azure, a crow sable between two
swords in pile Or (redraw/style)

Joseph Elizabeth de Clayton - new device - Gules, on a fess Or a horse
rampany sable (conflict)

Kerdych Goch - new device - Lozengy Or and azure, two coneys combattant
gules, each maintaining a case of rapiers argent (conflict)

Morderyn Tremayne - change of device - Or, a dragon sejant to sinister,
wings displayed azure, maintaining in base with its tail a Latin cross
bottonny sable, a chief embattled checky sable and argent ( redraw/style
and conflict)

Partha of House Askold - change of name from Hassaan 'abd-al-Baseer and new
device - Vert, scaly, a pike naiant to sinister Or (incorrect constrution
of byname and device conflict)

**ANY TYPOS WERE MY OWN - Rhiannon, Triton

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