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Poster: stop_e-rage@stop_e-rage.now.maxson.com

------   FOR    PUBLIC   KNOWLEDGE    ------

Internet Users and Internet Commerce Leaders have coined a new term for the hatred and imbalanced emotion that certain people project when they receive an email ad. 

The term is: E-Rage

Like Road-Rage, E-Rage is exhibited by people who are generally wound up tighter than wires on a transformer, ready to snap at any moment.

Also like Road-Rage, E-Rage is projected by people who are controlling  in nature, but instead of thinking that they own the road, they think that they own the internet. Their bizarre "We Control The Internet, OR ELSE!!!!" behavior is responsible for the threatening, abusive, and illegal messages they send to companies and individuals who use bulk
email commerce. Marching in lock-step with one another, and again ready to snap at any given moment, their end-game is to stop the flow of email commerce at any cost.  In the majority of cases, like a wild-eyed criminal they attempt to hack, email bomb, and destroy the email senders system.  Others curiously hide behind taxpayer-funded institutions, setting up blacklist/blackhole programs designed to systematically block, intercept, and shred other peoples email.

The public has expressed the desire to be educated about E-Rage and the imbalanced and strangely undemocratic people who engage in it.

You can help fulfill this need today by spreading the word about E-RAGE.

-----   FOR    PUBLIC   KNOWLEDGE    ------
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