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On SCA hierarchy and what is period

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

Although I do love the SCA, some of it's laws and traditions I do not love
and some I am totally baffled by.  One habit that baffles me is the ability
of SCA members to argue pro or con something (like the behaviour of SCA
monarchs) because it is or is not period, while completely accepting other
traditions or behavior that are not period.  We are not really doing pure
Living History.  If we were we would never have visible duct tape on our
armor, for instance, or sneakers peaking out from under our skirts.  

 I cannot think of any kingdom in period that regularly chose its monarchs
by their combat in a single tourney.  Obviously the SCA started doing this
back when rocks were soft and all the crown tourneys were fought in
California, and we continue to do so because of tradition and Corpora, not
because it is representative of the history of the period we are studying. 

So, after we have chosen our monarch in a nonperiod manner, why then do we
argue that some facet of that reign is or is not period (such as not
appearing in court simultaneously)? And what does history have to do with
whether or not we as a group want to function in a particular way within
this game structure that we have made?   It was definitely period to
complain about, challenge, rebel against, go to war against monarchs and
whether or not this was considered treason and dishonorable is generally
determined by who won said wars and rebelions.  Since this game is of our
own construction why is it 'treason' to discuss how it should be played?  

If we spent more time studying history for our own enjoyment and sharing
our enthusiasm and knowledge freely and less time measuring ourselves and
others by some sort of made up ranking system, we would all be having more
fun and, probably, doing better history.  

Magdalena de Hazebrouck
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