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Re: light-hearted and fun

Poster: Susan Lynn Arthur <susanla@mindspring.com>

At 10:48 AM 4/6/98 PDT, you wrote:

>What is your ideal venue for A&S?  What would make you go out of your 
>way to enter/display your creations/knowledge?
Kingdom A&S was perfect last year.  I had just done my first scribal work
and didn't enter it in competition. I did display it both morning and
afternoon, when I sat beside it and talked to those who looked at it.  Two
laurels talked to me and were very informative and helpful.  I have
displayed work several times since and treasure the tokens I have received.

>Competition or Display?

I'm too damn competitive for my own good.  Display is better for me; I can
concentrate on what I am learning.  I also have compassion for the judges,
who are sometimes asked to judge knitting, woodwork, and scrolls together
to determine which is "best."

And I appreciate comments that are helpful and specific...."Your paint is a
little thick here"......"Nice shading"... and tips on how to do it better.

Lady Lucia Bellini
Windmasters' Hill
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