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off topic - hard drive crash

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Well, when you go to fdisk your hard drive at work and
the VOLUME LABEL of your hard drive has these little
funny ascii characters, it's time to replace your hard drive.
Or that's what our internal support people said last night! *Sigh*

Fortunately I had backed up most of my data (including
the backlog list).  Even the requests for help with assignments
were recovered as I'd saved most of them to the hard drive
as data.  (Only one area had been affected.) It may be a week
before I can use email reliably as I'm on a backup machine.
Please wait week before sending any more personal requests.
I do check my phone messages every day, however.

I'm not sure I had much more to contribute to the current
coversation than what had already been said anyway.
I'm still nagging the kingdom marshal with my unique
ideas on how to resolve this parking thing.  I feel so passe! <G>


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