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A Humble Word

Poster: ARGENT <ARGENT@prodigy.net>

Throwing myself into the fray:

When faced with an infant child, a two hour one-way drive to work,
graduate school, and an estate to help settle, I decided that I didn't
have the time to commit to my Shire and Office.  I declared that I
wanted to resign as Chatelaine of Highland Foorde and allow someone with
more time and energy to serve the Shire.  To stay in that position would
have been unfair to our members and would have probably resulted in a
mental breakdown for me.

This was my decision.  There are people in this world who are truly
superheros and seem to do a million things at once and do them all
well.  I don't want to presume when someone else is in over their head,
since I think that everyone has their own limits.  I applaud anyone who
takes a reality check and realizes that a "game" does not have the
priority that their family/job has; I also applaud anyone who knows
their personal limitations and respects them.

I do not presume to know TRMs' limitations.  It is true that I was
dismayed upon reading the letter in the Acorn.  However, I will choose
to believe that the letter was poorly written and that the tone it
imparted was unintentional.  I choose to believe that TRMs' were simply
requesting the populace to be understanding to the conflicts that we all
have.  Hopefully these next six months will prove that this was all a
tempest in a teapot.

In Service To A Toddler,
Baroness Wrynne
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