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A&S contests

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

I've never been big on A&S contests as a whole and from personal
experience, I've found the feedback I've gotten to be unhelpful.  Two
worst case sceneros were when the A&S display was closed to only but
contestants and judges!
To give a personal example, I entered a pair of finger gauntlets in an A&S
competition at this past Gulf Wars.  I got two beans, a hershey's kiss and
a mint.  It was tasty feedback but as far as useful, not really.  It
didn't tell me anything about what people though of my work.   On that
note, while tokens are a nice idea in principal, it just adds just one
more thing to the dusty "SCA Tschotzka Pile" along with Pennsic
medallions, feast trinkets and the like.  I believe that written comments
are much much more useful.  It is akin to grading a paper.  If a
person gets a B on a paper the grade means, "Nice job, not perfect but
decent." Well, that doesn't tell a whole lot.  A paper with no grade but
with a critique and comments gives far more feedback to the student.  

I believe using one's goods made is a much better context in which to show
them off.  This can done be via a demonstration as in teaching a class,
making your product in public, wearing your product at SCA events, or in
the case of performing arts, performing!  If you are an artisan who feels
that his/her work isn't being seen, then you should network and ask
experts what he or she thinks.

Well, that's my two beans left over from Gulf Wars!

One more thing because I can't resist - Oh Bridget, I still have you beat.
I moved 6 times in a year and a half crossing 3 state lines before moving
down to NC with the insane idea of learning how to build armor. In fact, I
had to pay taxes in MA, MD, and NY during that year! :) :)  Still, moving
so often really is awful.


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