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Re: Canvas[A

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Achbar wrote:
> Please corrct me if I am wrong.  Yurts may not be period for an
> Arab...I love the space and the way they look.  I don't know if for
> the tent you get more space with a yurt...but I want one.  I am
> seriously thinking about buying the parts piece meal and trying to
> make one before Pennsic.   These would be great at other events as
> well.  I will need a Bed and table to complete the system.  If you of
> a good supplier for those please let me know.  How many square yards
> of canvas does a Yurt take anyway?

Ok, I'm going to get pdantic on you. When you say "arab" do you mean
people who are indigenous to Arabia? Or do you mean any of the myriad
other semitic and Turkic peoples who are often referred to as "arabs"?

I ask this because a yurt may not be period for an Arab, Egyptian,
Bedouin, Tuareg, Riff or Berber. It might, however, be very period
for an Afghani, Iraqi, or Northern Persian. Possibly even a Turk,
and certainly the Khazaks.

So, who are we talking about here? ;-)

If you're going to go about the construction in a piecemeal fashion,
then I strongly recommend you begin with the roof ring. It's the most
difficult piece to construct. That's why I've gone through two different
techniques and will begin a third when I build the next new roof ring.
The khana wall is easy. You can set up a jig for either the drill press 
or electric hand drill. The legths of each lathe piece are specific as
are the numbers of each length for each section of khana. You can knock
out all your khana in a matter of a couple of days. Same for the door
and roof poles.

I've never calculated how much square feet of canvas you need. My roof
is a circle 22 feet in diameter with a 36 inch hole in the middle and
a five foot square flap that fits over this and is sewn along one edge
to the roof. For the wall pieces, divide the circumference of the
yurt by three or four and add a foot or two for overlap to each piece.
The belly band is 18 inches wide by the circumference of the yurt.
We're talking about a 15 foot diamter yurt here, the circumference
for which is about 45 feet IIRC.

The table is going to be integral to the assembly of the yurt. I have
one that is 36 inches round with holes going through the top and into
each of the legs. These holes accomdate the four expanding tent poles
that I use to raise the roof ring to the designated height and hold it
in place while I put the roof poles in. The tent poles then come out
and the table can then be put anywhere, like next to the full sized
futon frame I often carry to Pennsic. The latter folds up into a very
nice couch during the day.

I'd also recommend at least two extra roof poles (I use 1 1/4" x 7'
closet poles) to stick sideways into the khana to use as....closet
poles. It's nice to be able to hang up your garb.

Hope this little bit of information helps. ;-)

In service,

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