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tent making stuff...

Poster: Linda Huegel <eris@email.unc.edu>

I just got off the phone with Tom at ITEX, who was a great help... they
have 57-58" 10.10 oz canvas for sale, flame-retardant as well as
water-resistant treated, in 100 yd bolts for 5.05 a yard, and the 35-36"
stuff, same treatment, runs 3.39 a yard, also in 100-yard bolts... if some
good gentle would be interested in going in halves or even three ways, if
we get the wider canvas, it would make things easy for all of us...i know,
just as a base, it will take me approximately 30 yards at 57" wide to make
a 14x12 viking-styled tent, and almost 50 yards at the 36" width.  

please contact me offlist if anyone else is interested in doing this...


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