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Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H. Clarke)

I have an idea I would like to bounce off you people who are very
historical.  I am a King Arthur buff and I have a theory about King
Arthur's "magic" sword Excalibur, more properly know as Caliburn.

As I understand it, Caliburn was crafted from metal not from the earth. 
Actually, I think the metal is supposed to have fallen from the sky.  So,
if it fell from the sky, it is most likely a meteorite which fell to
earth.  Having passed through the atmosphere, it was superheated. 
Perhaps the superheating purified the iron into a quasi form of steel. 
Making it harder and better able to hold an edge.  Thus, the sword was
better than the iron swords of the late 400's.  Would that not make it
appear "magical", because it would cut through the iron of the day.  Look
shinier, and hold a good edge.

What do you think?

Steffan of Caer Mear

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