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Re: Rose water

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Maggie wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone knows how to make rose water for food recipes. 
>Thanks in advance

It's very easy. Go to the nearest Middle Eastern grocery and buy a bottle
of Rosewater. Seriously, this is much easier and more cost effective than
spending a lot of money on roses at a florist and trying to distill it
yourself. Or going round to all your friends who grow roses and cajoling
the blooms from them and still going through the distilation process. You
never need much rosewater in any given recipe (I use it in Arabic coffee),
and a bottle only costs (around here in the DC area) about $1.29.

Which reminds me. Some time ago a lady from the south (around Deirdre
Boolteen's area IIRC) was looking for orange blossom water. Well, I have a
bottle for you, but I can't recall who you are, and of course that email is
long since gone. If you or Deirdre recall this conversation, please contact
me and I'll deliver your bottle. Deirdre, you once offered to relay it to
her, so hopefully you'll remember.

In service,

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