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Rosewater recipe

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>


	It depends on what you're putting it in.  My down & dirty easy 
recipe is to bring water to a boil and por it over a bowl of shredded 
rose petals...About 1/2 c pedals to 1 cu water.  let steep for about 
30-45 min, drain and use..

	As for documentation and working from period recipes, check out 
"To the Kings Taste"..I know there's one in there.

	AS A SAFETY POINT!!  Remember to use only home grown, pesticide 
free roses!!!  Commercially grown roses have insecticides that are also 
toxic to humans...I grow my own for cooking because of it, and it also 
adds a bit more on the "period" points in an A&S  competition.  Not to 
mention driving my neighbors crazy!!

	If you'd like more info...e-mail me privately.

Lady Megan Buchanan
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