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Re: Rosewater recipe

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

Megan wrote:
>I grow my own for cooking because of it, and it also 
>adds a bit more on the "period" points in an A&S  competition.  Not >to 
mention driving my neighbors crazy!!
>	If you'd like more info...e-mail me privately.
>Lady Megan Buchanan

Yes, but do you use _modern_ cultivars, or ones from our period? (joke, 
joke, really...)

On a slightly different subject, does anyone know of a rose that looks 
like the one on the heads of the angels in the Wilton Diptych? (The 
Cronicles of the Wars of the Roses has a photo of it on pp. 74-75, for 
those of you who also are Borders Books raiders)  The original flowers 
would have been Albas, Gallicas, or Damasks, but I wonder if there is a 
florabunda with a similar flower form?  

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