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Re: Constables, warfare, and politics...

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Richard of Tyre wrote:
>Discourse on the nature of constabulary work within the Society, its
>similarities and differences from law enforcement and traditional 
>security work, and the populace's expectations of its constabulary.

The office of Constable is not used in Atlantia.  Those functions are 
the responsibility of the Autocrat, who gets volunteers to run the gate 
(called the Troll here) and to run security.

> Opinions on "improving" inter kingdom relations by having "wars" >with 
actual impact (ie possession of land, tributes, etc) beyond >symbolic 
prizes. Ideas on "play" politics and diplomacy being >encouraged.

Ghod help us, no.  The current system allows border groups to change 
Kingdom allegiances if they want to.  I strongly don't like the idea of 
*forcing* a Kingdom change on a group. 


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