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Re: Stierbach Picnics

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

thank you for the lovely invitation, Your Excellency, but I will be
traveling far for the celebration of my grandson's acceptance into the faith
of his family (ie I will be in New Jersey for Brendyn Robert's christening
and talking to banks about mortgages if Dave accepts the job he was just


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From: Denise McMahon <denise@access.digex.net>
To: Stierbach <Stierbach@agent.infodata.com>; The Tavern
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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 2:28 AM
Subject: Stierbach Picnics

>Poster: Denise McMahon <denise@access.digex.net>
>(My apologies if you receive this more than once.)
>Stierbachís first Picnic of the season is on April 26th!
>Circle your calendars and get that armor ready!
>They are still at Briar Patch Park in lovely downtown Sterling, VA. There
>is an picnic shelter and grill, however, you are encouraged to bring your
>own grills or hibachi's (trust me on this!) and definitely a picnic basket!
>There is a playground for children that was just renovated last Spring-
>of slides and swings! And *plenty* of room to run around on!
>We will have fighting and A&S and fighting and dancing and fighting and
>archery (with a special emphasis on the Baron's favorite- Combat Archery)
>fighting and sewing and fighting and dancing and Rapier... well, you get my
>drift. Oh yes!- and our own brand of Croquet, led by Baroness Kristin.
>music will keep the afternoon lively while we cheer on our fighters or
>distract ourselves with lighter endeavors! Stierbach will provide the
>and a cooler of water to refresh ourselves with- please note that the
>Chirurgeon General has warned you about the possible enhancement of your
>fertility should you freely imbibe Stierbach water. Those wishing to avoid
>these consequences should bring along their own.
>If it rains, the picnic shelter is perfectly wonderful for gathering under
>either dancing or doing various A&S things. *If* it rains, I would
definitely pack
>sandwiches or a thermos of something warm!
>Bring your banners and come and be Medieval on a Sunday afternoon from 1pm
>dark! There is plenty of parking too.
>Garb is encouraged- but donít worry about if youíre just starting out and
>have anything yet- show up, be comfortable and perhaps we can find you
>Directions to Briar Patch Park
>(Itís on the corner of Sterling Blvd. and E. Frederick Ave.)
>>From Manassas and I-66: Take Route 28 North. Turn right at the third light
>after Dulles Airport. This road is Route 846, Sterling Blvd. Once on it, go
>through four lights, turn right at the fifth (Frederick). Immediately turn
>into the parking lot for the park.
>>From Leesburg: Take Route 7 East to the fifth light after Route 28. This
>the other end of Sterling Blvd. Turn right onto it, then left at the first
>onto Frederick and left into the parking lot.
>>From the Beltway: Take exit 10-B (Route 7) or avoid Tysons by taking the
>Dulles Toll Road exit (Route 267), paying $0.50, and getting off at Route
>Go west on 7 about 10 miles: past Route 193, past Rt 228, and back up the
>to the 2nd light- Sterling Blvd. Turn left onto it, then left at the first
>light onto Frederick and immediately left into the parking lot.
>Anyone with any questions feel free to email me at denise@access.digex.net.
>-Rowan Berran
>Baroness of Stierbach
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