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Spend a Day Demo

Greetings Fair Friends of the Merry Rose!

I thought I would pass this information out for all those who would be
interested. Last year we had a wonderful turn out and I'd like to do that
again. Please merchants and musicians- please read!! We need your presence!
There should be a good size crowd of mundane and scadians alike to sell or
play to. Heavies come out and have a good day and impress the smalls! Craft
peoples, please come and do demos of your work. I will try to have an open
A&S display area if the interest is there. If you have any questions please
contact me privately. Thank you!

In the Service to Atlantia,
Lady Alison MacLeod, Chatelaine
House Die Nocht Kinder
Canton of Baelfire Dunn

demofly (Microsoft Publisher Document)

Knightde (WordPerfect Document (6.0))