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Beggars, Gypsies, and Thieves

Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>

  I have been asked to bring a Rapier/Combat Archery Road Show to the May
9th event that Highland Foorde is doing with Silver Rylle (E.K.).  The
folks up there saw the melees at our St. Sebastien's event last final and
were very impressed, both becasue it looked like fun and was fun to watch!
I am desperately in need of folks to come make it fly.  We need comabt
archers and rapiers, so pass the word, please!  We will have a football
field size space all day long, so we can fight till we drop. 
   Anyone who makes the trek from near or far is welcome to crash space and
dinner at my house in Frederick, MD, which is about one hour and forty-five
minnutes from the site.  Folks are welcome to come up Friday night.  Our
accomadations are not always luxurious, but we have lots of floor, several
air mattresses, two cots, and even an extra bed or so.

Those wanting to crash, please try to contact me soon, so I can plan.  Even
if you won't be crashing over, it would be useful to know who is coming to
the event.  Contact info below:

Greg Glewwe
1808 Noblewood Ct.
Frederick, MD. 21702


In Service to Crown and Kingdom,

Gregoire de Conteville
Provost A'dE:OWSA
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