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Re: Excalibur and Eogan's apologizes

Poster: AlysounA <AlysounA@aol.com>

Although the Lady's comments about historical accuracy and method are valid,
it seemed to me that one might, nevertheless, entertain serious historical
discussion on the topic for a number of reasons. For example:

(1) The Arthur myth/legend along with its subsidiary and related
myths/legends, such as Excalibur, were part of the literary and cultural
worldview of the middle ages, so discussion of the origins of such myths would
seem to be a valid topic for historical discussion.

(2) Because iron and, consequently, steel were more rare than gold in early
times,  Steffan's speculations might explain the origins of a sword which
formed the basis for the myths/legends of Excalibur.

It just seems to me that in recreating an era, the beliefs and dreams and
legends of a people are history, as well. Although understanding the basis of
such legends may not interest everyone in the Society, the same might be said
of any individual question someone might raise about the past.

Respectfully intended,
Alysoun Ashling
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