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SCAdian computer culture

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn, to the assembled populace of the Merry Rose,

I am in the beginning stages of a magazine article about the phenomenon
(and seeming paradox) about the number of reenactors (SCA in particular)
who seem to also be computer and high-tech enthusiasts.  I would
appreciate any feedback on this topic, and thought that this would be the
perfect forum to ask certain questions (seeing as we are all SCAdians with
computers).  Please, if you have the time and are interested, respond to
any or all of the questions below.  Please send them back to me privately,
so as not to clutter up the list, unless you think that your response
would interest the populace at large, in which case post to the list.
Thank you for your assistance.

1.  How did you get involved in the SCA?  Were you involved with computers
before or after you became involved in the society?

2.  What do you see as your personal goals and reasons for being involved
with the SCA (not the purpose of the SCA, Inc.)?  Does computer technology
(Internet, etc.) help you in the accomplishment of these goals?

3.  Do you have a web page?  More than one?  Are these pages dealing
specifically with the SCA or SCA topics?

4.  Do you usually spend much time at SCA events talking about computer

5.  In response to number 4, do you think this interferes with the
atmosphere at events?

6.  Hypothetical situation:  The rent is due, you either need to hock your
computer or your (armour, loom, harp, chose your SCA equipment, etc.).
Which one goes and which one stays?

7.  Hypothetical situation:  A portal opens to another time and you have
the opportunity to go back into the past and live as your persona would
have--but you have to leave all computer technology behind, no e-mail, no
web surfing, no video games.  Would you do it?  (Let's keep this one
focused on the computer issue, and not other convieneinces of madern
technology such as vaccines or automobiles).

8.  Have you ever taken a lap-top to an event (or a Game-boy or hand held 
video game)? Was it for business or fun?

9.  Have you noticed any way in which your local group (or kingdom, or the
SCA in generall) has been hindered, and not helped, by the use of computer

10.  Do you have any other personal thoughts on the fact that so many
SCAdians who have such an interest in recreating the past and learning and
teaching the crafts of pre-modern technology have such a strong interest
in computer technology?

Thank you for any responses to these questions, and feel free to forward
them to other lists if you think there would be interest.

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