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Re: a new idea

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> One of the first things I did after receiving the Dolphin was to inquire
> about criteria for this award so that I could better respond to
> pollings.  As "service to kingdom" is defined differently by many
> individuals, I was encouraged to develop my own definition.
> >From what I gathered from other Dolphins, most definitions include to a
> greater or lesser degree:  length of service, volume of work, travel and
> contribution to the kingdom "infrastructure."  Of course, there may be
> others.
> Hmmm, doesn't sound anymore clear but perhaps less mysterious?
> Anne le Coeur
Sorta kinda.....I still find it mysterious.  Just looking around I still
have no idea what the level of service should really be, etc., for a
Dolphin, but then I can't really find anyone who can pin it down, so I
don't feel too bad about not having a more concrete idea.  Makes it a
little tough to suggest people, but I figure if you start recommending
early, sooner or later you'll find someone who hits a level of service
other folks think deserves a Goldfish...  ;)

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