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Re: A new idea perhaps?

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> > Actually, the thing that I find really nifty is that they [Northshield] also
> > define
> > what each award is for.  I get the feeling they seem to have a strong
> > handle on what level of work is suitable for each award. I don't think
> > we really have that in Atlantia.
> Miri

> I seem to have noticed the same thing.  It seems odd how things work out in
> Atlantia.  I know of at least three people who won Kingdom-level awards for work
> they did for a Barony (One of them actually did end up with both the Kingdom and
> Barony award).  Seems kinda confusing to me.
> --
> AEdric the Grene

I don't think it's really consistent.  Sometimes local work seems to
count for Kingdom awards, sometimes it doesn't.  And I'm not talking
about the difference between living in an independent shire or a
barony.  I mean within the same local group.  Mostly people get a Pel
after holding a Kingdom office, but sometimes they don't.  And that
doesn't seem to be consistent with how well they did it.  Some folks get
AoAs in 6 months.  Others take years while doing the same level of work
or more.  I don't think we really have a standard.

And please, let's not rehash the old "merit badge" discussion.  I was
just commenting on what I'd noticed.

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