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Re: A new idea perhaps?

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


Heather Swann wrote:
> Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>
> I don't think it's really consistent.  Sometimes local work seems to
> count for Kingdom awards, sometimes it doesn't.  And I'm not talking
> about the difference between living in an independent shire or a
> barony.  I mean within the same local group.  Mostly people get a Pel
> after holding a Kingdom office, but sometimes they don't.  And that
> doesn't seem to be consistent with how well they did it.  Some folks get
> AoAs in 6 months.  Others take years while doing the same level of work
> or more.  I don't think we really have a standard.
> And please, let's not rehash the old "merit badge" discussion.  I was
> just commenting on what I'd noticed.
> Miri

Note: I am not picking on Miri, but this should be brought up with this
topic. (and Miri is right, don't bring up that merit badge thingy)

We can no longer hold the system or the Crown/Baronage/Muckity-mucks
accountable for what we may believe are systemic problems with the
awards structure, unless we are writing letters.  The only time you have
the right to say "Damn...that's way past due" is when you have written
your recommendations and they have gone unheeded.

Does everyone know that ANYONE can write the Crowns/Coronets/etc.,
regardless of rank, and submit anyone's name for any level of award? 
Yes you can.  You may even have people in your local area that are
regarded as a peer, treated as a peer, depended on like a peer, and the
crowns don't know it and neither do the orders.  People may be doing
Pearl level work in your area, but nobody knows.  People might just be
doing their part for their local group.  Take 5 minutes and write the
letter.  The Crowns love it...I know.

As far as the seeming discrepency of type of work and level of order:
For instance, I do local, baronial, and kingdom stuff and have been real
active that way.  I know, that my local work enriched my barony, and
subsequently my Kingdom.  I have a baronial service award(just got it at
Ymir from my favorite ex-baroness), but I cannot believe that I should
be a Companion of the Golden Dolphin.  Those folk do so much more than
I, and so many should be there before me it's ridiculous to think so.  I
will not argue, however, that some may have been made companions of
these orders without matching effort for effort with their other
members.  These individuals may have simply had a letter written sooner,
and therefore brought to the attention of those who need to know
sooner.  This is where the onus(is that really a word, Corun?) is upon
us?(Get it?  the onus is uponus..oh well).

In a nutshell - write a letter and watch for the next person you should
be writing a letter for.  Personally, I try to do two or three per
reign.  I do not think that anyone who is reasonably active right now,
cannot find two or three people who are currently deserving, or may be
deserving of an award they have not been recognized for.  Do local, and
Kingdom, awards/merits/peerages....do whatever you think fits., then
follow up with TRMs or Order principals.  Even if they don't agree,
they'll be watching now, too.

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