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re:a new idea

Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>


I have read with interest this thread, particularly the opinions about
service awards.  Most that I see in the Rose are Companions of one or
more Orders of Merit.  Those who are not may not realize that a polling
list or watch list contains key phrases from the recommendation letters
(I speak only about the Dolphin as I'm not privy to the others :-). I
would imagine that the Principals appreciate if a letter contains
succinct phrases that "put it in a nutshell." 

I too, believe that service to a part is service to the whole.  However,
it is always helpful to me (if the recommendation verbage is about
baronial service) to know if the person has been recognized in the
barony and has continued this service. It is less of a concern if the
recommendation contains direct services to the kingdom.

One of the first things I did after receiving the Dolphin was to inquire
about criteria for this award so that I could better respond to
pollings.  As "service to kingdom" is defined differently by many
individuals, I was encouraged to develop my own definition.  

>From what I gathered from other Dolphins, most definitions include to a
greater or lesser degree:  length of service, volume of work, travel and
contribution to the kingdom "infrastructure."  Of course, there may be

Hmmm, doesn't sound anymore clear but perhaps less mysterious? 

Anne le Coeur
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