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Re: A new idea perhaps?

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

> At the local level, I suspect either unawareness (though this is harder to believe with officers) > or the belief the person doesn't deserve the award.

I was in the SCA for about three years before I received my AoA (which
is not a bad number, all things concerned), having served as both a
Baronial and Canton officer in that time, and received multiple Baronial
service awards (spot awards, not the Order).  You wouldn't believe the
number of people who came up to me after Court and said something along
the lines of "Whaddaya mean, you didn't already have an AoA?"... not to
mention the example of Baroness Gwynwulf, who waited ten years for hers
(and was active all the while). I don't know about other kingdoms, but
Atlantia has always seemed to have fairly good-sized cracks for people
to fall between when it comes to recognition.

Which is why we all really *really* need to write letters when we think
someone deserves recognition for something, whether it be a local spot
award or a Peerage. I suspect that most of the people who have gone
unrecognized have done so because nobody wrote a letter - a failing of
which I am also guilty, but I'm working on it <g>.

In service,
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