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Poster: Yakgodess <Yakgodess@aol.com>

Greetings My Friends....

It is certainly my hope that all of you who are reading and putting forth
suggestions are nominating deserving gentles for awards.  I would like to
think if we could spend SO MUCH time discussing how we should do it we could
spend some time practicing the art????  
I will have to concur that it is sometimes difficult to know what awards
someone may already have; but it is not a death defying feat to find out the
answer.  So, get out those crayons!  Sharpen your pencils!  Put in a new ink
cartridge!  Send a bird, a pony, a letter or an email; BUT SEND, SEND, SEND!
I am quite sure the Order Principals, the Barons and Baronesses, and TRM won't
discount your message just because you are not Shakespeare!   
By the way you spell my name.....<grin>

Lady Adrianna Broussard
Barony of Marinus
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