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RE: Herald stuff

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Poster: Meg <megb@maine.com> wrote:

I have to comment that it seems like you have a very well oiled machine
for processing submissions! The rule of thumb from what I have heard
here in the East Kingdom is 10 months to a year. I think I'll have to
find out the exact process so I can compare it to yours.

How sad!  When I was Brigantia (admittedly in the dark ages a dozen years ago) we had general internal letters of intent to internal commenters and STILL generally got the submissions out to Laurel or a notification out to the submitter of why the item had failed in less than six to eight weeks after they reached Brigantia's office.  (Locals were, as in Atlantia, only allowed to hold on to them for a month so the max time to Laurel was three months with another three months at Laurel level in those days.)

Of course, the great Pennsic flood sometimes took a bit more time since they were generally not as well drawn and not colored in beforehand --- and occasionally required extra name research.  (I well remember having to send some devices out on the next month's letter because I got "Crayola Marker Syndrome" from making colored copies.)

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