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Re: Herald stuff

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

> NO!  Can you say "myth"?  What happens at Pennsic is that the staff herald
> looks at your submission and says it looks o.k. "to him".  Then it is

Well, not entirely.  You have a staff herald research the name/device (one
staff herald per, so you get two different staff heralds if you do both).  Then
the staff herald hands it off to the "senior" (I don't know what they actually
call the position) herald on shift for names/devices (again, one senior herald
for names, one for devices) who looks it over and then signs off on it as
well.  For instance, my name was done by a staff herald I knew nothing about
but was OK'ed by Heather Rose Jones (the famous Tangwystl of Heraldry).  At
least this was as of last Pennsic.  I assume the coming one will be set up the

BTW, please feel free to respond to me in private, but I am curious about the
deficiencies of Pennsic, since they were certainly better equipped than my
local Herald.

AEdric the Grene

Anglo-Saxon, KnowItAll wannabe, Cider drinker
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