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Re: Crossroads, Cross-posting, Cross people... WARNING: Rather LONG

Poster: Rick Wynne <richard@speakeasy.org>

Unto Mistress Baroness Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd and the Good
Gentles of the Known World does Brother Richard of Tyre send his humble

 For those who do not know me allow me to introduce myself, I am Brother
Richard of Tyre, member of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, residing
in the Barony of Madrone within the Kingdom of An Tir.

 In regard to the letter below, I imagine I too am guilty of cross posting
to several kingdoms. My countrymen will tell you of my rather outspoken,
at times overzealous verbosity. It is my nature and I make no excuses for
it. I have been corrected regarding the use of posts to unsubcribed lists
and have endeavored to correct my errors. As such I am subscribed to
almost all the kingdoms now, barring those with slightly more difficult
enrollment. To which end I have waded through large amounts of inane
chatter so that I may better learn the nature of the ENTIRE Society
(online anyway) rather than a specific kingdom.

 Make no mistake, as the Society grows and distances decrease we will all
grow increasingly interdependant. Kingdoms will have more reason to
interact. This is generally a good thing. Provincialism is a recourse for
those fearing a loss of power or prestige and I see nothing noble
regarding xenophobia, no matter how periodly correct it may be.

 Granted that a person must have sound judgement in deciding what to post
to the Society as a whole, can we condemn someone for making a post with
good intent? Are we all so busy that we can not scan a letter for a 
momment and delete it if it seems if no importance?  Bear in mind that
some are not able to access newsgroups (either through hardware..I am on a
linx system, or through inexperience...are we not all still learning how
the internet works?) and can only communicate through these lists.

 I have rambled on for some time and I appreciate your patience for those
of you who opened this letter even after the warning of its length. I will
continue to be a strong vocal personality for as long as I consider the
Society to be a place that can be improved on and I encourage anyone with
comment to answer openly or respond to me personally as you see fit. May
well all strive to Live the Dream.

In the Service of the Temple,
Brother Richard of Tyre
Madrone Chapter House, Kingdom of An Tir
Milites Christi: Templar Archives (http://www.speakeasy.org/~richard)

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Joan Steurer wrote:

> Unto the Citizens of the (Electronic) Known World, greetings.
> Recently the Calontir list has received a few posts which have apparently
> been cross-posted to all of the SCA Kingdom mailing lists.  Unfortunately,
> the content of these posts have very little to do with our Kingdom.
> For instance, the discussion of the use of security constables was irrelvant
> because we have never felt a need to institute such a structure at our
> events.  The posts on drinking irresponsibly were redundant to a recent
> discussion we've had and which may be found in our electronic archives.
> Some of these posts have come across as "preachy" or even condescending; I'm
> sure the posters had no intention of being unpleasant, but it certainly has
> ruffled more than a few feathers, especially since they are not even
> subscribed to all of the lists to which they are posting.
> The Rialto is a discussion group which may be (and is) accessed by people
> from all over the Known World, including people from Calontir.  If you are
> interested in getting the opinions of folks from many Kingdoms, I suggest
> you use this resource.
> I must apologize for doing the very thing which I'm asking others not to do.
> However, I knew of no other way to ask folks to use the resource which is
> already in place for this purpose, as I assume they are unaware of its
> existence.
> Any replies may be sent to me at rhianwen@wichita.fn.net.  Thank you for
> your understanding.
> Sincerely,
> Mistress Baroness Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd

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