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Marshal's announcement for the June Acorn

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Greetings Unto Lord Rabah!, What follows is my announcement for the June

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlantia from the Earl Marshal!

The following event reports have not been submitted:
3/21/98 Coronation: Marinus
4/4/98 Siege of Troy: Baelfire Dunn
4/4/98 Baronial Birthday: Tir-y-don
4/11/98 Baronial Birthday: Nottinghill Coill

Clarification on Inspections: Before each bout the marshal should ask
the fighters if they have had their armor and THESE weapons inspected
(if the fighters switch weapons they need to get the new ones
inspected).  In addition the marshals should do a visual inspection of
the combatants weapons for each bout.  But they should not stop the
beginning of the bout unless they see something that warrants further
investigation, or if one of the combatants has not had their armor or
weapons inspected.  Except, use some common sense, if you know that the
fighters you're looking at have had their armor and their current
weapons inspected you don't have to ask.  But, I would like to see this
become part of our standard beginning of a bout process.  For example:

optional intro: round information, for honor, whatever embellishment you
Have you both had your armor and these weapons inspected?
Are you both prepared?
Then, stand ready.
And, Lay On!

Of course, if you have any questions or comments on this matter please
feel free to contact me.

I would like comments on the following question, How long should we
allow someone to use their previous authorization card after they move
into Atlantia from another kingdom?

	Yours in Service to Atlantia
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