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Re: Crown Tourney

Poster: "duane moore" <brycedebyram@hotmail.com>

From: PAEmrys <PAEmrys@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:36:08 EDT
To: brycedebyram@hotmail.com
Subject: Crown Tourney

Greetings Your Lordship,
---> And to you, Excellancy,...
Here is the Merchant info:
1. There is no merchant fee
2. You do not need to register
3. All, Merchanting is to be outside-Sorry, no exceptions, even with bad 
weather-bring a tent or a Blanket...
4. The Site opens at 8:30- the Autocrat will arrive around 7:00; 
merchants may begin setting up anytime after that. 
5. All merchants must be packed up by dark.

P.S. I'm coping this to the Merry Rose, so that others might also be 
helped by your request.

     I would like to inquire as to the arrangements for merchants at 
Tourney.  Are merchants welcome?  Do merchants need to register or pay a
merchanting fee?  Is it too late to be alowed to merchant there?
     I'm sorry this is such a late inquiry but sometimes it can not be 
Thank you for you assisstance.

  In Service,
Baroness Prydain

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