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Feast of the Thirty (Brief Review)

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

In which one gentle gives his opinions of a Southern repast:

The Canton of Falcon Cree, Barony of Nottinghill Coill held the Feast of
the Thirty this weekend for the ninth time.  As usual, it was in King's
Mountain State Park, South Carolina.  Camp York (the upper camp) was
again the particular site this year, with its nice electrified cabins.
Parking was adequate, but it was disappointing to see gentles who left
their cars next to their cabins for an extended period of time.

The feast, which my household regards as the best in Atlantia and the
best reason to miss a local Baronial event, was again better than the
year before.  Aaron Forrester of Guild Gray outdid himself with
wonderful cooking, including a superb beef & vegetable soup, chicken
with rice pilaf, prime rib (though perhaps slightly well done, it was
nonetheless delicious), pork (which I am told was REALLY, REALLY good,
though I had none as I am abstaining from such), and sweet potatoe
casserole with brown sugar and pecans.  As warned, the feast had its
usual plentiful portion such that a gentle was wise not to take a large
amount of any one thing.  At the end of the feast, Cook (Chef?)
Forrester announced he would be repeating again next year.  Needless to
say a voice immediately piped up asking where pre-registrations could be

The major problem this year was beyond the Autocrat's power:  oppressive
humidity.  The temperatures were in the mid-80s which is not bad by
itself, but the added humidity (certainly not helped by the lake which
the camp borders) was uncomfortable to say the least and made many
gentles strip down clothing to go more for comfort than Period fashion.
As the cabins are electrified, one is well-advised to bring a fan or
five should the weather act this way again (which it probably will) at
future Feasts.  Swimming in the lake (with no lifeguard) and colder
showers in the bath house (which also has water that can go to scalding
should one wish) can also help, of course.

Finally, in the realm of little things that enhance an event, one thing
stood out nicely this year.  Since the Feast of the Thirty does honour a
tourney in the Hundred Years War, the cabins were assigned to England
and France (and Scotland, I believe) with nice small banners with the
appropriate badge and cabin number.  Very handy for finding one's cabin
and an easy way to get more into the spirit of the event.  I certainly
hope this is continued at future feasts.

One little thing that happened this year that hopefully will not be
repeated is the "squatting" for tables for feast.  A prepared map and/or
list for feast tables to allow gentles to sign-up for tables at Troll
would be a lot more convenient and better for everyone, in the opinion
of the group I attended with.

Well, that wasn't too brief, but I didn't even talk about the
merchanting, fighting, or wedding at the event...

AEdric the Grene
(Who Really Isn't local to Nottinghill Coill and does drive a ways for
such an excellent event and feast)
Anglo-Saxon, KnowItAll wannabe, Cider drinker
Arms: Per Pale, sable and vert (or is it vert and sable...)
Legs: 3'6" (or so)

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