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Shire of Cathanar Rapier Workshop- Announcement and call for teachers

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Unto any who may be interested in the fine art of Rapier combat;

Cathanar Rapier Workshop and Coastal Champion Tournament
13 June 1998 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 
Jack's Island in Lawson Creek Park, New Bern, NC

The Shire of Cathanar and the Stronghold of Raven's Cove have joined
together in sending forth the call.  Do you fancy yourself quick with
the blade; or perhaps you are quicker with your wit.  In either case,
come and participate in the fun.  If you wish to learn more, workshops
will be available.  In fact, if you wish to hold a workshop, please
contact the autocrat or the marshal in charge.  There is no site fee
for this event.

Tournament:  Entry fee is one prize.  The winner to get first choice of
all prizes.  Everyone will win something.  Further, the highest placed
fighter from either Cathanar or Raven's Cove will be named as the Coastal
Rapier Champion.

Arts and Science will have display tables available.  It is preferred that
displays be of a rapier theme, and have documentation as to how it relates
to rapier.

Children's activities will be available.

Pets are welcome, but must be leashed and attended at all times.

A feast is being prepared by Margalite de Clary and Maderun de Halbourne.
Please contact Maderun (Diana Fillpot) for dietary concerns at (910) 353-4920
prior to 9:00 pm, or by e-mail at dfillpot@nternet.net.  The feast is $3.00
per person.  Make your reservations with the Autocrat and make the check
payable to Shire of Cathanar, SCA, Inc.  Reservations must be made by 6 June.

The site is DRY.  However, after the event, there will be a bardic circle at
the autocrat's home, which is discreetly wet.  Crash space and camping will
be available there.

      AUTOCRAT                                             MARSHAL IN CHARGE
     Jean-Franc de Blauveldt                Lord Christopher Storme of Kintail
     (John Bova)                                          (Christoph Hintze)
     (919) 635-3130                                          (919) 726-0612
     prior to 9:00 pm                                      prior to 9:00 pm


Take your best route to US 70 toward New Bern, NC.

Take the Trentwood/Pembrook exit

If coming from the East you turn left at the light.
If coming from the West you turn right at the light.

Take the first right into Lawson Creek Park

Follow the signs around to the back.

Now that the good news is out, please, pretty please; we need teachers.  So
we ask that any who may be interested in teaching at this work shop please
let us know as soon as possible so we can save you a space on our schedule.
 Marshals and Marshals-in-Training are invited as well.

In service
Lord Christopher Storme of Kintail
Rapier Marshall for 
The Shire of Cathanar 
Kingdom of Atlantia
m.k.a. Christoph Hintze

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