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Re: Problems??

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Rhiannon wrote:
> I'm having a problem getting two copies of responses from some folks on
> this list.  I'm only on the Merry Rose email list; so it can't be coming
> as a copy to another list.  Is anyone else having this problem or should
> I just delete them and not worry about it?  

I'm not seeing two messages except from those people who reply to me
directly and cc: the Merry Rose. Since the mailing list is set up to
only send replies to the original poster of a given note (rantrantrant)
people don't change their headers to respond to the list for one reason
or another. So they just respond to the poster and also copy the list
causing two iterations of the same note to end up in someone's mailbox.
Unfortunately this is Bad Netiquette. I would personally appreciate it
if those responding to my posts either respond only to me or only to
the list. Mailing lists should be set up to reply only to the list, but
we've been down this road before. The Rose and the P-list are the only
two mailing lists I've ever encountered in years of internet mailing
that have this backwards.

In service,
Corun (having to remember to change the headers before sending)

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