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Re: a little history lesson

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

James of Rutland wrote:
> Good gentles all,  the whole story from start to finish was a joke posting,
> that was how I took it at any rate when I first read it,  and I'm a bit
> appalled that anyone would take it seriously.... Sorry,  James

Don't be sorry, Master James. Obviously no one (including me) saw the smilies
attached to it. What happened, however is this; this is the SCA, a group
made up of a lot of different people who all have different levels of
knowledge about things medaeval. Thus, those who knew this story to be
nothing more than urban legend were quick to point out that fact lest those
who are not quite as well versed should take it as gospel and start applying
it as part of their Elven or Vampirish personas (which we all know to be 
perfectly period and acceptable at all SCA events...that's, ah say that's 
a joke, son <VBG>).

Anyway, I think this deceased equine has been sufficiently flagellated.
The score now stands at James - 1, Merry Rose - 0, Horse - 5.

In service,

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