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re: Definitions, please

Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

Daniel de Lincolia inquired:
>What ranks / titles / orders / properties entitle someone to be called a
In Atlantia, it is custom to call anyone with an AoA a "noble."

>A "peer"?
Anyone with a PoA.

>"Royalty"?  (Leave aside the Corpora definition; what is *yours*?)
Only reigning Royalty (King, Queen, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, and
hopefully soon a new set of territorial Prince and Princess and their

>What do you call the set of dukes / counts / viscounts? (Follow-up: does
your kingdom give >Patents with those titles?)
These are "royal peers" or just "peers."  Atlantia bestows a PoA

>Please consider at least these ranks / titles / offices:
>- king/queen
>- prince / ess, heirs to king / queen
>- prince / ess, territorial
>- hairs apparent to territorial prince / ess
All Royalty.

>- duke / duchess
>- count / ess
>- viscount / ess
All peers, specifically royal peers, but not "royalty."

>- baron / ess, territorial
Ruling nobles.

>- baron / ess, court
Landless white trash. :-)

>- Laurels, Pelicans, Chivalry

>- Companions of the Order of the Rose
Peers, royal peers.  This carries a PoA in Atlantia.

Nils Olafsson
Ponte Alto
Atlantia (duh)

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