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Vespers CAMBOK at Pennsic

Poster: Efenwealt Wyslte <wystle@ipass.net>

I have reserved the main battlefield of Pennsic on Tues evening of War week for
Vespers CAMBOK. Festivities begin at 7pm (close enough to vespers) and last
until we can't continue.  Please bring your sticks. I've got a ball, but a few
to spare are always a good idea (I don't need the wise cracks :-). It would also
be nice if every player brought a gallon of potable water and/or gatorade. Maybe
we can convince a certain Earl to make a special guest appearance and instruct
us on the finer points of the game. Since we have most of the field we might be
able to have the giant cross-country game he's always dreamed of.

There will also be a Hurling class and game on the field 11am-1:30pm on Sunday
8/9. Hurling is a game still played today and is rather similar CAMBOK.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the proper joyous noise is:
+ Lord Efenwealt Wystle (mka Scott Vaughan) wystle@ipass.net          +
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