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War method for Royalty Selection

Poster: BollaertN@aol.com

I have been reading with some interest the prosed ideas for alternate methods
of choosing a King.  While I personally like the idea, it increases the
complexity of the process by an enormous account, and is obviously a very
abrubt departure from 'tradition,' which will make it difficult if not
impossible to enact.

On the other hand, there is the Northern Principality that may or may not go
forward.  It may be less of a heresy, and easier to accomplish to perhaps
establish a method like those described for selecting the Prince/Princess.
This gives you a reasonable base with which to experiment, and, should it
prove to be unworkable or undesirable, you didn't have to disrupt the entire
Kingdom by re-writing all of the laws and such that governs these matters.  If
it should prove to be a reasonable method, then once refined, can be
introduced at the Kingdom level as a proven idea, and will stand a better
chance of adoption...

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