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Re: method for Royalty Selection


Gene Bonar wrote:

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

At 04:39 PM 6/17/98 -0400, Colin Gordon wrote:
>*Is there a NEED to change the status quo and why?
>Start at the beginning.
>Why before How.

The WHY is obvious to most of the SCA.  In Atlantia there are about 20-25
people out of thousands that have the ability to win crown.  Yet there are
a great many people I know that would great royalty.  These people will
never be king or queen because they can't stand toe to toe with the likes
of Cuan or Logan.  This is not only unfair but it has no historical basis.
This is not how monarchs were chosen in period.

So if it is artificial, un-fair and un-period WHY NOT try something more

Well said Eogan.  But you miss the point.  I am sure that there are many people who would make a wonderful king, I am a founding member of the Efen for king committee : ).  Michael's (Colins) point was " are there people who's needs are not being met by the current system."   I would think that the answer is no.  Like them, love them or hate them our current kings are doing a fine job.  Now you do have one thread of hope here Eogan, there may be a pride that needs stroking, the one need I see not being met is a chance for everyone to be king, well that also has no historical basis.  Their respective Graces Logan and Anton would will whip my fat booty 3 ways from sunday, but they will teach me, after all they are just men, and if I aspire I may be able to achieve their level of fighting and get my own shot at a crown.  Until then  I say again " are there people who's needs are not being met by the current system."  I would have to say the answer is still no.
Gaston Du Valmont
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