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RE: Alternate methods for choosing Royalty

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

I could take issue with a lot of things in your message, Kai, but I'll go with the one that fewer people will have the info to counter.

To characterize MSR as a splinter group founded by "a man who couldn't win Crown" is simplistic in the extreme (for one thing, a number of its original Board members not only remained active in the Society but held high kingdom offices in the East and/or major ceremonial roles, like King and Queen).  It also omits several important facts about "The Disputed Crown", although it is true that that traumatic event splintered more than one friendship --- and even a few marriages, in the end.  

I was not present at the actual Crown, as I was living in Meridies at the time.  However, a number of the leading players were friends at the time or later and some --- like Vissevald --- still are good friends of mine.  I knew Bob Fox before and after the Disputed Crown and, while I can testify to his increasing bitterness as time went on, your characterization is still too simple.

But that was long ago and far away.  (Can you believe two decades?  oh my, I am getting old!!!)  The relevance of the success or failure of combat methods in MSR is in some senses irrelevant to the discussion here, all the more so since both the Society and MSR were a lot smaller then.  I would suggest that the debate be limited to the relevant.  If you feel that the proposals are irrelevant to the Society as it has developed, that is fine, but please do not brush off (or bash off) well-meant attempts to look at how our Society could be improved.  After all, the Society, like many of its members, is approaching mid-life-crisis age and may wish to reinvent itself for the new milennium.


P. S. I may have missed a message or two in this thread, but I do not recall anyone apart from yourself calling you an "elitist thug".  I find it sad that a royal peer and knight of the East could think of so characterizing himself, even tongue in cheek and in the heat of anger.

Poster: "Richard A. Wilson" <ravenglas@mindspring.com> wrote:

First, let me congratulate you on coming up with a very UNoriginal idea.
The MSR (Medieval Studies and Recreation, I think) is a splinter group from
the SCA that was founded some years ago by a man who couldn't win Crown.

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