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Re: Alternate methods for choosing Royalty

Poster: Acresouth@aol.com

In a message dated 6/18/98 6:13:17 PM EST, ravenglas@mindspring.com writes:

<< First, let me congratulate you on coming up with a very UNoriginal idea.
 The MSR (Medieval Studies and Recreation, I think) is a splinter group from
 the SCA that was founded some years ago by a man who couldn't win Crown.
 The MSR has a very similar selection process for their Kings and Queens.
 They hold a preliminary tourney to the Quarter-Final stage.  The eight
 finalists each must raise a five-man melee team to fight in the following
 tourney, which is fought round-robin style to the Finals.  The two
 finalists must then raise an army for a third event, the Grand Melee, the
 winners of which are the Rightful Sovereigns of Acre.
 Did I forget to mention that you don't have to fight in the Tourney
 yourself, you are permitted a champion?
      If you want political intrigue, you really open up the possibilities
 with a process like this one or the one mentioned by  Gene Bonar.  We are
 all honorable people, or at least we all claim to be, but can you imagine
 "I'll fight for your faction if "X" gets "Y" award if you win."  I'm not
 saying it WILL happen, only that it COULD! >>

It's truly funny how after almost 20 years the legend of Acre's founding is
still being disputed.  I have been a member of MSR for 15 of those years and
have only recently moved here to Atlantia.  I am still as active as the 250+
traveling miles allows me to be with the group and at present I hold the
office of Vice-President, the President being the same as the day we started,
Bob Fox.  I served two three year terms on the BOD and was Chairman for most
of that time. I am also a member of Acre's peerage (I was championed by
Shannon an Chasur - Earl Shannon of the East), a knight, and recipient of
their two highest awards for service, the Nameless Order and an Augmentation
of Arms.  

My MSR credentials aside I just wanted to correct a few misconceptions that
have been bandied about here on the Merry Rose.  I was also not around at the
time of the "disputed crown" but my relationship with Andreas (I was his
squire and continue to claim him as one of my best friends) is such that I
have never doubted that something unusual having to do with ugly politics
affected the outcome that day in the distant past.  Notice that I am not
placing blame on anyone in particular but I am saying that if it had been just
a simple marshallate decision to disqualify someone in the finals of crown,
why are people, here in Atlantia to boot, still disputing it??

I do want to contribute to the "alternate methods" thread as I have
participated in Acre's crown virtually each year up until recently.  The major
advantage as I see it is that a puissant fighter who wants the glory of
winning crown (and the title of War Duke during the reign) but does not want
the responsibility of running the Kingdom can champion a couple or individual
who is not a fighter or whose fighting skills are not good enough in one-on-
one combat to get through the first round but who may have superb skills
associated with being a soveriegn.  

As far as the "if X gets this award/position we'll fight for you" scenario,
all of our major awards require a minimum 33% in favor by members of the order
to grant the award and we have no "Court Baron/ess" gifts for service.  So, in
general, if a position is promised and given for fighting, it is only for that
year, and the next sovereign can place someone else there.  By the way, our
reigns last roughly a year - time enough for most folks to feel they have done
what they want to do - we have had only 2 couples who have had second or third
reigns - Andreas and Rosalinda who have been to the throne thrice and Angus
and Seneath (twice and thrice respectively).  So that abuse at least is curbed
by our methods - "bad" sovereigns never get on the throne again because the
fighters will not support them in second or third round.

Just a minor correction to how our crown is run - first round is a double elim
that leaves four victors - second round is those four with 5-person melee
teams in a round robin double elim that leaves 2 victors and the final round
is the grand melee with the victor crowned Prince/Princess directly therafter.
These three rounds take place over a period of months typically starting in
February and ending by June.  

If anyone has further questions regarding Medieval Scenarios and Recreation,
Inc. (The Kingdom of Acre) feel free to e-mail me either privately or on the
Merry Rose and I will be happy to answer.  

in the Society known as Adriana di Salaparuta, and in MSR additionallly,
Countess Blanche Garde, Knight of Acre 
aka Vera Messina
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