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Re: FW: Martial vs Political -- Crown Tourney

Poster: Michael Ruttle <mruttle@xperts.com>

>>Colin Gordon wrote:
>>When the Olympic Committee wishes to expand the number of people able to go
>>for the gold, they don't lax the requirements for the current events, they
>>create new ones.
>They don't lax the requirements???  What about the NBA'ers playing on our
>Olympic team?

That was just the USA making a decision to let professionals play. The 
equivalent of us not allowing Dukes to fight in CT...and than changing 
that restriction.  The Olympic Committee didn't change the requirements 
for winning the gold or the nature of the game. Since we have no such 
restriction, your point is moot.  Though I do understand your confusion, 
I hope this clears it up.

Colin Gordon (*), "A" lefty from Caer Mear.  We come in six-packs

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