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Re: FW: Martial vs Political -- Crown Tourney

Poster: Travis Brandel <travis@freedomnet.com>

C.J. Schaffer wrote:
> Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>
> Colin Gordon wrote:
> When the Olympic Committee wishes to expand the number of people able to go
> for the gold, they don't lax the requirements for the current events, they
> create new ones.
> -------------------
> They don't lax the requirements???  What about the NBA'ers playing on our
> Olympic team?
> Nils

While this has jack...zero....nada to do with the thread, I feel i
should still stick my big probiscus into it. The reason the olympics
started letting the USA professional players into competition was
because we were the only country in the games that DID NOT use thier pro
teams. All those years we dominated the world in basketball, and it was
our college and university players destroying country sponsered teams.
It was argued that when our kids finally lost, and the other team
started bragging about being " the best in the world ", that they had
yet to even really play anyone worth a damn.

AS for an alternative to selecting soveriegns....I abstain from comment. 

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