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Re: of kings and queens and atlantia

Poster: Bob Minowicz <minowicz@nc.na.auspex.com>

SCAEtain@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: SCAEtain@aol.com
> Greetings,
> rhiannon-of-berra said....
> >>How will we know if we don't at least TRY?  No one (at least not to my
> >>knowlege) ever did anything worthwhile without at least trying.
> But how do we know if the populace of Atlantia supports this? We can't 
> just go trying to change corpra on the basis of opinions from a Very 
> small percentage of the Kingdom's inhabitants- this list. Before we go 
> trying to make any big changes, IMHO, we would need to poll the entire
> kingdom.

Woah! Hold it! Time out!  And here I was, trying not to post anything
about this today so I could let you all summer and roll it over in your

Polling the entire kingdom is not what I think we need to do yet.  You
don't go to the populace with a half-baked idea and say, 'What do you
think?  Should we do it?'

This is ONLY a discussion at this point.  I came up with the idea and I
fully admitted when I first posted it that I expected it to get shot
down in flames because I could see ahead of time that there were lots of
potential problems with implementing it.  I think that most of them can
be worked out with intelligent discussion and getting some good minds
thinking through how and IF it should be done. And that is why it is
being discussed.

If and when, as a group we manage to answer all the sticky questions
about it and manage to come up with a workable, feasable plan... THEN we
have TEST run that doesn't actually decide a Crown.  (TEST=See if it can
be managed properly.)  If it can, THEN we work out trying to change
Corpora and the Red Tape to make it a reality.  When we have it worked
out to a set of proposed changes to kingdom law *and* get the nod from
the BoD, THEN we poll to make sure its what the Kingdom of Atlantia

In other words, for this to become real there is a lot to think about
and a long road to travel.

Stanislaw Mynyowycz
Canton of Elvegast, Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia
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