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[Fwd: EK: [Mid] Tornado at Lillies; your updates!]

In case you had not heard - there was high winds and a tornado on the
lake at Lillies. Here is the latest! I won't be able to forward more as
I am leaving to go to New York for the weekend, but it looks like all
fared well and we didn't lose anyone! :) Phew!

In Service,
EK, Province of Malagentia

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>>>From Ainesleah,
>I just finished talking to HL Robin (my hubby) who is at Lillies.  All is
>well, though a little water soaked.  He said that indeed there was a
>tornado, but it touched down in the lake forming a water spout.  He
>didn't actually see the water spout as he was on the archery field,
>holding onto a pavilion for dear life.  Almost the entire campground was
>flattened by the winds, but he said that by this morning almost all of
>the tents were back up again.  A few are currently unusable, but people
>are bunking together and apparently faring well.
>Robin also told me that many people are blaming Master Andrixious (sp?),
>the Calontir Trim seller.  Apparently he was wearing a blue gingam outfit
>with ruby slippers earlier in the week.....
>I'm just glad to hear that there were no injuries other than bumps and
>Any other news?
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