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(FWD) The Gauntlet Has Been Tossed

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

More simply put, this is a forward from one of the individuals who 
has been examining the BoD situation more closely, even to the extent 
of reviewing the other kingdoms' laws for similarity. While he lives
in the Middle Kingdom, this effort to correct this involves individuals
in many kingdoms. He has given permission for it to be forwarded.

If you are wondering what this refers to please go to:

Joseph Bethancourt is Master Ioseph of Locksley, a very prolific writer
and songwriter, who is one of the oldest and best known individuals
in the SCA and a founding member of Atenveldt. He has always stood
for principle. He is OL, OPel, and former Baron of Sundragon. Because 
of this he and his wife (similar awards) are no longer paid members 
of the Society, also in protest.

I would like to thank the gentles of Atlantia for the lack of flammage
on this matter. While our fine kingdom has never experienced the kind
of politics that started this situation, the potential for something
like this to happen to others in the SCA has been set by this precedent.

I DON'T intend for this to be an ongoing thread. I do want, however, 
for folks to understand what has happened because of the BoD and what 
could happen if it is not corrected. The SCA is more than one kingdom, 
and the BoD should make fair rulings as what it does applies to all of 
them. People accused should have the right to full disclosure so they
can defend themselves from slander and injustice.

If you will recall, my posts are very rarely argumentative and I 
usually try to contribute many positive things of interest or 
entertainment to this forum. The importance of this issue for ALL 
SCAdians overrides my usual policy of not involving myself in disputes.

If you do not understand what is going on here you need to go to the 
website and read the statements, read the following, and _seriously_ 
think about what has happened and what could happen in the future to 
someone of service you know, maybe even you. These folks were all 
Peers that it happened to, and many of us are standing with them, 
but it could just as easily have happened to anyone just trying to do
their job. In this case they had the hard choice of either quitting
and ruining thousands of folks' vacations by closing down Estrella, or
trying to do the best they could within the limitations placed on them
by the BoD, the Seneschal, and the Exchequer. They have suffered the
consequences of that loyalty to their fellow SCAdians. Many of the
problems with Estrella and the Exchequer did not become apparent until
_after_ the event (for those critics with 20/20 hindsight). There are
also opposing political groups within Atenveldt. 

I should be a coward with my head in the sand if I did not stand with 
other folks to correct this injustice and negate this precedent. 

I should also be very ashamed of myself if I sat on that Board that 
first permitted it, and later judged it, as a matter of political
convenience or indifference, and then refused to disclose evidence
relating to the decision.

Sincerely, In Service to All,

Master Magnus Malleus, OL, Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia

>From Master Todric Koenig:

I have been involved in reviewing this matter for the last 6+
months, including speaking to the individuals themselves, reading their
written testimonies, the minutes of the Board, and thoroughly studying 
the relevant SCA Laws.

        The following are documentable facts:

  The BoD has placed sanctions against several individuals who were
involved with the operation of Estrella War XIII. These individuals 
were the Autocrat, the Co-Autocrat, the King, and the Queen during the

  These sanctions, according to the BoD minutes, relate to financial
improprieties in the time leading up to and during the event.        
All relevant testimonies from the individuals and from other witnesses
indicate the innocence of these individuals, either of violating
Corpora or Atenveldt Kingdom Law. These testimonies indicate that the
financial organization for the event was taken out of the hands of these
individuals by the Kingdom Exchequer and Seneschal before the event.

  Requests from this King and Queen to the Board to remove that
Seneschal were refused.
  The BoD has refused (to date) all requests from these four
individuals for the evidence against them.
  There is no language in the Corpora or By-Laws which grants the BoD
any authority to impose these sanctions.
  In point of fact, these four are being punished by the Board and the
Board won't tell them why. 
  From my conversations with him, it is my understanding that in
sympathy for their situation,  Mr. Bethancourt has decided (as is 
his right under federal law) to retract and rescind all permissions
previously granted to the SCA, Inc. and it's subsidiary branches for 
the use of his work. He does not wish his professional name to be
associated with the Society or have the Society benefit from his work
until the Board of Directors reverses what he (and others) perceive 
to be a gross miscarriage of justice on the part of the Board.
  The date referred to in Mr. Bethancourt's letter is the date upon
which the sanctions were enacted.

  If I am in any way mistaken in this analysis, I am open to being
publicly corrected.        
In Service to the Society,
   Master Todric, OL, OP                                   
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